How can a potential customer learn more about the specific products offered by InSpec Labeling? We are proud to offer a comprehensive consultation service to each of its potential customers. Before this consultation, we review each company and what they manufacture in order to present them with product options that are applicable to their workplace. In many cases, InSpec is able to go above and beyond our current product listing in order to customize labels and packaging which address specific concerns of each customer. Read on for a list of some of our more popular customer products:

Custom Tags Product LabelsCustom Tags

Tags typically come in 7, 10, 12, or 14 points, printed on coated one-side cardstock called c-cards. But sometimes you need something special to catch the eye of the consumer or to adhere to a mandated legal requirement. Inspec Labeling can customize your cards up to 18 points, feature up to 11 colors, and provide detailed embossing and die cutting functionality. 

Product Traceability for Critical Tracking EventsProduct Traceability

In a Critical Tracking Event, complete transparency into your entire supply stream is crucial. Produce and Product Traceability provides detailed end-to-end tracking of your entire inventory, from pickup to delivery, in every corner of the world.

Specialty Packaging and LabelsSpecialty Labels and Packaging

Have a specialized packaging challenge with digital printing requirements and unique applications? Need to adhere to FDA or other legal mandates? Does your labeling require special liners, adhesives, face sheets, complex patterns, detailed punch holes or shapes, or flexographic printing? We’ve developed unique engineering and unparalleled design options to create beautiful specialty labels with reliable accuracy.

Tamper Evident Packaging and Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

Protect product safety, preserve freshness, prevent counterfeiting with Tamper Evident Labels. Inspec’s customized label printing furnishes unique designs that look just as beautiful and professional as the rest of your packaging.

Flexible Packaging Label Design

Flexible Packaging

Perfect for the on the go lifestyle, flexible packaging is flexible, portable, and easy to carry. Our beautiful bags and pouches are eye-catching and convenient.

Shrink Sleeve Packaging and LabelsShrink Sleeve

Able to completely wrap around products 360°, shrink sleeve labels allow greater surface area and maintain a beautiful sightline, regardless of product placement.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Labels and Tags


Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to ID and track tags and labels attached to inventory. It is becoming an increasingly popular technology for brand engagement and inventory management.