Shrink Sleeve Product Labels:  360° of Branding Surface


Shelves are overcrowded with choices.  Does your product stand out with noticeable brand appeal?


Shrink Sleeve Labels are one of the most popular labeling solutions.  The labels wrap around the shape of the container 360-degrees, providing a greater surface area for product info and label design enhancement.
They conform to any shape with a durable labeling solution that also has a high tolerance for heat and humidity.


Shrink Sleeve Product Labels

Perfect Product Sightlines, Regardless of Placement


Our shrink sleeve labels maintain a beautiful sightline, no matter the placement of the packaging. Our digital printing eliminates the need for print plates. You get exceptional quality at a minimal price point, ideal for small runs.


The Beautiful Appeal of Shrink Sleeve Labels:


  • Premium Full Color, 360° Design Coverage

  • Exceptional Color Definition without Migration

  • Conform to Nearly Any Container, Including Specialized Shapes

  • Scuff & Moisture Weather Resistant

  • Adhesive-Free and Reusable

  • Economical

  • Convenient Regulation Compliance with Easy to Update Text/Graphics


Featuring a complete variety of vibrant, beautiful colors, our robust systems can accommodate nearly any design or need you have. We utilize intricate product monitoring to ensure reliable uniformity across your entire line to minimize labeling mistakes. Our shrink sleeve labels are ideal for specialty applications, multi-pack sleeves, sample pack promotions, and clear window sleeves.


We can accommodate your most challenging design demands, including:


  • Embossed Labels
  • UV Metallic Inks
  • Gloss Finishes
  • Cold Foil Labels
  • Custom Matte


Efficient and Economical Tamper Resistance


Shrink sleeves serve dual functional potential to be both a decorative label and a tamper evident seal. All that’s required is an added horizontal perforation near the cap. Save time and resources through combined functionality.


Shrink Bands


Shrink bands conform tightly to multiple packaged items with the application of heat. It’s an efficient method to package many items together and also feature brand recognition art or messaging. Multipacks feature beautifully attractive packaging that clearly distinguishes your brand.


Shrink Sleeve Labels make ideal labels for:


  • Food & Beverage Nutritional Labels
  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Labels
  • Craft Beer & Wine Labels
  • Private Label
  • Household Products
  • Personal Care
  • Automotive


Our Variable Sleeve Offset Label Printing enables agile and versatile label design to accommodate a wide variety of design options on the go. Changes can be made quickly and cost-effectively. Achieve head-turning color with extremely fine printing that’s weather resistant and durable.


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