Striking Perfection, Right Off the Shelf


The science is clear: Your custom tag or label not only defines your product. It may very well be the reason your customers love you.
That’s why each one has to be absolutely perfect.
Inspec Labeling offers complete Custom Labeling Solutions to your exact specifications. Nothing less than perfection will do. Custom tags and labels have been our product specialties for over 25 years.
Because YES, you can judge a product by its tag. That’s exactly what your customers do. And we ensure they’ll absolutely love yours, right off the shelf.


With Inspec Labeling’s  Custom Label Tag Printing, you can:

  • Catch the consumer’s eye.
  • Create recognizable brand awareness.
  • Avoid blending into other products on the shelf.
  • Design and perfectly print tens of thousands of labels with reliable accuracy.
  • Achieve perfect size requirements, each and every time.
  • Customize cards up to 18 points.
  • Choose and blend from up to 11 different colors.
  • Opt for detailed embossing and die cutting functionality.
  • Select from a variety of thicknesses to your exact specification.
  • Add high tech labeling enhancements to refresh stale marketing campaigns.


Understandable Solutions to Complex Questions

As providers of custom labeling systems for over 25 years, we know from experience there can be infinite selections and decisions made in label design when deciding a marketing strategy for your Custom Printed Tags or Labels. And each and every choice can make or break your campaign.
You have to choose the right material, perfect the custom tag or label printing, choose the ideal ink, and design the material to stand up to exposure to the elements. You may require high temp labels, RFID tags, metal tags, or chemical resistant labels. You may require special adhesives. You may need to adhere to specific labeling requirements when it comes to FDA compliance and other legal restraints.
Labeling mistakes can cost literally thousands of dollars in revenue loss.



We Know Where You’re Coming From


We get all that. We’ve been there, plenty. That is why our monitoring systems are exact and detailed down to the finest data points. Your custom tags have to be perfect, down to every exact spec you require, each and every time. We know what questions to ask. We understand the job and what has to be done.
That’s why some of the world’s largest retailers rely on us for perfect specifications. They trust us. And you can too.


Count on us to deliver a beautiful, professional eye-catching customized tag or label. Captivate the attention of your customers and boost your sales with a customized labeling service that sells.


Have a question regarding your custom label systems? We’re happy to talk…


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