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What We Do

  • Custom Tags

    These tags are normally 7, 10, 12, or 14 points, printed on coated one-side card stock called c-cards. InSpec can customize these cards up to 18 points, offer up to 11 colors, and provide embossing and die cutting functionality.

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  • Thermal Labels & Ribbon

    Thermal labels & ribbons for package printing. Keep the quality and reduce your costs. Our labels & ribbons deliver reliable, high-speed performance in a wide range of colors and sizes.

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  • Pressure Sensitive Labels

    Pressure sensitive labels are applied with pressure, whether by merging labels, air-blowing, or using a tamp applicator. These labels are self-adhesive and compatible with nearly any surface material, shape or product type.

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  • Flexible Packaging

    For customers that need to package liquids or solid material that is separates into numerous small pieces, flexible packaging such as bags and pouches is essential.

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  • Shrink Sleeve

    InSpec has the capability to produce shrink sleeve labeling which is produced using 360 degree training. Labels are seamed and shrunk to fit the product’s dimensions.

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  • Specialty Labels and Packaging

    If a manufacturer needs specialized packaging in order to be FDA compliant or to package with a particular adhesive, pattern, or with holes punctured into a label, InSpec is proud to offer specialty products. Our customers let us know precisely what they need to accomplish, and we configure labels and packaging to their specifications.

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