Pressure Sensitive Labels:

   A Versatile Solution for the Packaging Industry


One of our most popular labeling methods due to sheer versatility and economical price point, Pressure Sensitive Labels are on almost everything we consume.

Pressure Sensitive Labels are applied to products using a light pressure, either merging labels, air-blowing or using a tamp applicator. Because they are self-adhesive and adapt to nearly any material, they are the go-to label solution for much of the packaging industry. Adaptable and durable, these labels are easy to apply, cost-efficient, and feature a low-entry quantity.

PS labels’ ability to wrap make them an ideal choice for squeezable and contour containers, and make great food & beverage labels. They can be used with clear film for better visibility of the interior product. They readily apply to nearly any surface or container, ideal for foil, films, and paper.

InSpec Labeling features a variety of advantages as your go-to automated labeling solution:

  • Versatile and Customizable: we can handle nearly any specification you require.
  • Consistent Reliability: we test, retest, and configure each detail down to your required perfection.
  • Proven Expertise: we serve some of the largest retailer suppliers, including WalMart and Target, and can handle any size job, including Private Labeling.
  • Systemic Detailed Monitoring: every detail is checked and rechecked to deliver unprecedented perfection across your labeling systems.
  • Proprietary Color Management: the granular coloring detail of our label printers guarantees brand uniformity across your product labeling.
  • Hands-On Support: we provide fully supportive technical expertise to ensure perfect package labeling.

Pressure Sensitive Labels are ideal solutions for:


  • Product descriptions
  • Product identification
  • Warnings
  • Instructions
  • Shipping Information
  • Inventory Control
  • Ownership Identification
  • Brand Protection and Security


InSpec Labeling provides pressure sensitive labeling solutions to a broad range of markets, including:


  • Private Labels
  • Plasma/Blood Bank Labels
  • Food, Beverage, Beer and Wine Labels
  • Box and Can Labels
  • Warehouse Labels
  • Durable Labels
  • Performance Labels
  • FDA Approved Labels
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Pharmacy Labels


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