Product Traceability

   Comprehensive Inventory Transparency

     from Conception to Delivery to Use and Consumption



In today’s complex ecommerce ecosystem, your supply chain works like the interconnected synapses of a central nervous system.
When one critical element breaks down, Product Traceability can literally mean the difference between life and death.


Product Traceability Labels & Tags


When Chaos Ensues

In a Critical Tracking Event, food contamination, foodborne illnesses, unsafe product recalls need to be tracked and isolated. Millions of dollars, not to mention the future of your business and people’s very lives, hang in the balance. 


Produce and Product Traceability removes complexity by streamlining your processes so you have complete transparency across your entire supply chain. Using RFID labels, asset tags, and other quantifiable label solutions, we provide end-to-end traceability through widespread tracking of your entire inventory, from pickup to delivery, in every corner of the world.



Inspec Labeling’s Product Traceability:


  • Maintains trust and confidence in disrupted product lines, systems, or businesses.
  • Safeguards public health and consumer safety.
  • Illuminates transparency during Critical Tracking Events.
  • Ensures compliance with ISO and other international government mandates.
  • Optimizes efficiency, limits loss, and lowers costs.
  • Improves operating efficiency across production, packing and shipping lines.
  • Quickly determines the origin of a product, ingredient or component.
  • Quantifies organic authenticity through food traceability.



Inspec Labeling provides end-to-end solutions that synthesize your internal systems to mend the broken connections within your supply chain. We ensure every element is traceable and controllable. Our comprehensive labeling systems provide fast and effective unique product traceability to leverage cost-efficient technology to lower costs, limit loss, and optimize efficiency across every step of your productions.


Intimately understand every aspect of your supply chain in real-time. Quickly safeguard your inventory and maintain consumer confidence against catastrophic outbreak.


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