Retail is Changing. Are You?


The phenomenon has never been this clear.

More than 96% of retailers plan to adopt RFID tags, and over 8 billion RFID labels and tags hit the racks each year, according to an Auburn University study.


It’s easy to see why. Thanks to the Internet, consumers want more, so much more. They want to learn everything about an item with the swipe of a phone.   And they want to be able to buy it anywhere – in-store, online, or on a mobile device.


RFID Labels: Brand Accessibility at Your Fingertips


RFID tags deliver exactly that. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to ID and track tags and labels attached to inventory.
RFID labels contain electronically stored information that’s readily accessible. Product information is immediately scannable through an RFID asset tag. Inventory is trackable and visible. Brand engagement is practically face-to-face.


Locking in both asset investment and product protection, RFID delivers exceptional customer experience.   You’ll wonder how you ever managed to survive without it.


RFID Tags seamlessly:


  • Streamline operations

  • Improve inventory management

  • Facilitate sector distribution such as perishable foods or cosmetics

  • Automatically capture data

  • Track item functionality


RFID Labels are commonly used in:


  • Corrugated cases

  • File folder labels

  • Shipping labels

  • Pallet placards

  • Apparel hang tags

  • Baggage tags

  • Asset management

  • Pallet labels


Durable, Reusable, Adaptable


We produce durable and reusable RFID tags and labels, designed to withstand the harshest of environments. Their unique adaptability and repeated usability drive down your cost per read, optimizing ROI benefit.


Customized Solutions


Custom tags are our specialty. Our team of engineers will work with you personally to accommodate nearly any need you have in label design. Their experienced leadership in delivering integrated solutions has produced a label solution playbook that is thoroughly tested and consistently executed. 
Our RFID labels and tags undergo intensive quality monitoring to ensure reliability across your entire labeling systems.


A Trusted Solution


Our RFID innovations transform productivity in retail, shipping, and facility management. Leading retailers like Walmart, Target, and Kohls trust us to deliver reliable solutions that are durable, streamlined, and cost-effective.


Track distribution. Engage with every customer. RFID labeling drives sales by offering immediate access at your fingertips.  The benefits are obvious, substantial, and absolutely beautiful.


Contact us for a free consultation.


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