How can a potential customer learn more about the specific products offered by InSpec Labeling? InSpec is proud to offer a comprehensive consultation service to each of its potential customers. Before this consultation, we review each company and what they manufacture in order to present them with product options that are applicable to their workplace. In many cases, InSpec is able to go above and beyond our current product listing in order to customize labels and packaging which address specific concerns of each customer. Read on for a list of some of our more popular customer products:

Custom Tags

These tags are normally 7, 10, 12, or 14 points, printed on coated one-side card stock called c-cards. InSpec can customize these cards up to 18 points, offer up to 11 colors, and provide embossing and die cutting functionality.

 Product Traceability

Since our products are not shipped directly to end users such as Walmart or Sam’s Club, we offer product traceability which allows manufacturers to trace their products all the way to their destination.

Specialty Labels and Packaging

If a manufacturer needs specialized packaging in order to be FDA compliant or to package with a particular adhesive, pattern, or with holes punctures into a label, InSpec is proud to offer specialty products. Our customers let us know precisely what they need to accomplish, and we configure labels and packaging to their specifications.

Tamper Evident Labels

Perishable products require tamper evident labels. InSpec can produce a variety of different kinds of tamper evident labels to secure packaging and to give consumers confidence in the safety of each product.

Flexible Packaging

For customers that need to package liquids or solid material that is separates into numerous small pieces, flexible packaging such as bags and pouches is essential.

Shrink Sleeve

InSpec has the capability to produce shrink sleeve labeling which is produced using 360 degree training. Labels are seamed and shrunk to fit the product’s dimensions.


Radio frequency identification, while in use less commonly today, is still necessary for some of our customers, and we have RFID capability to meet their needs.